An unforgettable day in Jump City

I’m collecting cool feelings in Poland, . I’m trying a lot of things in this country for the first time in my life. E.G. first time in Jump City at age 19.

I’m going to describe everything on details.

As you know, I uploaded an article yesterday and after I fell asleep because I had a headache. I set the alarm, but woke up early in the morning at 8:00 am. In the morning I ate corn with milk, due to it is easy and quick to prepare. After I immediately turned around and went outside. Big bus with full of children were waiting to Fabiana and me.

Fabiana and Me

There were 60 or maybe more children inside of the bus and I was scared because of the communication. Due to I still don’t know Polish. Seats were almost full, but I saw one child was sitting alone. So, I take a seat next to this boy and the trip had started. After 15 minutes this guy asked me in English ,,Can we play together?” and I was surprised. I’m the lucky one. We played a lot on phone, had fun together and laughed too.

My little friend King Arthur

We entered to Jump City. My little friend was doing everything like a gentlemen. He opened the door to me and was with me during all this amazing day.

At 13:00 we were on our way to come back at home. A little friend of mine invited me to the theater and pizzeria, but I could not accept this offer. Thanks to him for the exciting journey and support to me. We’re going to see each others on Thursday in Aqua Park.

Thanks to the organization GOK for inviting me to Jump City. I like and respect what they’re doing for the next generations.


See you later.



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