Wonderful Thursday, January 23rd

 Poland amaze me every day.

Early in the morning we went to Aqua Park with children. We traveled well, arrived in the nearest town, Tychy and quickly entered the building. Everything in Aqua Park was clean, modern and cozy. And, the fun has started…

Lots of amusement attractions, separate sections for adults and little ones, waves and the most exciting – an outdoor pool on the balcony. Last one is my favorite.

My little friend was also with me. For fun and memories we got off the roller coaster. It was such a scary like in a movie but adrenaline worked.

We took pics … We had a lot of fun, we laughed … and I received the E-mail from Aqua Park, they sent me the pic.

The day went on very pleasantly. I relieved the stress and returned home in a very good mood.

We recommend that you go to Aqua Park.

Thanks for your attention and the biggest thanks to Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego and Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Miedźnej z/s w Woli, GOK Miedźna.

See you Later,



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