Have you ever seen Lily at a Hawaiian party?

If not, then let’s get started…!

Hello everyone,

It’s me Lily zazadze, 19 years old from Georgia. Today I’ll bring you to my Hawaiian party.

On January 25th, we had a party with my friend Fabiana in the neighboring village called Gilowice. The entrance was beautifully decorated and of course I took pics. When we arrived on the second floor, there was real Hawaii. Beautiful landscapes, bubbles, cocktails and a very cool environment.

There were probably about a hundred women at the party and only two men – One waiter and one DJ. All women were happy, dancing, drinking, so that nothing and no one would be ashamed and afraid.

I danced a lot, drank a lot, and had a wonderful time. The bad thing was that I broke my phone screen, but the main thing is that I’m fine.

We got back at home late, probably at 2am.

I took many pics, but I’m shareing with you some of them …

If you’ve been at a Hawaiian party, let’s share your pics.

Have a nice day!




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