My own arrival training

Hi guys! I could describe my own arrival training as a bust of happiness, energy and motivation. The first day I was kind of nervous but very excited because other volunteers that I know told me that it was going to be one of the best weeks of the volunteering but I didn’t want to have high expectations and then crash them so I just let it be.

I arrived at the hostel and I met two of my roomates, a French girl and a turquish girl. We talked a bit and then we rested for a little bit, later the other two roomates came, two turquish girls that did not talk any english so that was interesting but it’s always fun to try to communicate with gestures or the translator. Then we went down for lunch and there we met the rest of the people. I was so happy in that moment, there were people from everywhere, Spain, Armenia, Italy, Catalonia, Turkey, France, Luxemburg… the moment that all the Spanish people met each other was chaotic, we were hugging each other and talking so loud, it was magical because we felt like we were at home for a bit. The first classes were more about getting to know everyone and their projects also using polish to practice. That night we went to a bar next to the hostel and we got more comfortable with everyone. The routine was very simple, breakfast, class, break, class, lunch, class, break, class and then around 6 we were free, except on Tuesday because we had a little tour of the city with a former volunteer but after that we stayed in the center and had some drinks and later some went to the hotel and others stayed and discovered what our main bar would be, a karaoke bar and on Thursday because we had a surprise. On the next days we realized that slowly we were getting closer and closer with some of us and that was so nice because we felt the comfort and the understanding that we needed, because the majority of us were in similar situations and had similar feelings, so finding people that would listen to you and understand you was very warming. The rest of the week at the classes we worked and practiced our polish with games and making group projects about Poland and going out to the streets to talk about our topics with polish people, for example my group’s topic was the position, image and situation of the women in Poland, we spent the morning going to cafes and talking with people, we talked with a group of teenage girls, a couple and older people. Then the next day we made a presentation and shared it with the rest of the volunteers. On the last class we also worked in groups talking about topics like, cultural shock, do’s and dont’s  when you miss home, topics that we as volunteers were curious about. For me the best activity we had was one where we had envelopes with our names and everyone would write a little note to the people you picked, for me in that moment we knew that through that week we became a family and started to care and love about us.

The trainers that we had were amazing people and treated us super good, I can say that we learned a lot from them and that their work was great and we all enjoyed it. But it’s not all only classes and working, we definitely had fun, after some volunteers stayed at the center and discover the karaoke bar we went there at least 2 more times, the first night we all went out was the beginning of everything, we had the time of our lives singing our hearts out in every single language, another night we went to a club where we saw everyone best moves and we lost our shyness, but other nights we stayed at the hostel hanging out and talking.  I am very thankful for the people I met and the way we connected, we kept in contact since the moment we all went home. At the beginning of that week I wouldn’t imagine I would be as sad as I was when I had to tell them bye, but now we all have a home in different parts of the world and will for sure meet again, maybe in another country, city or maybe in the same place.

Thank you,



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