Silesian Museum in Katowice

Hi guys! Have you ever visited Silesian Museum in Katowice?

If you haven’t already, I reccomend it!

The museum was founded in 1929 by the Silesian Sejm, while the region was recovering from the Silesian Uprisings.

In the interbellum, the Silesian Museum was one of the biggest museums in Poland. The Nazis however brought the collection to Bytom and tore the building down in 1940. In 1984 the museum was reinstated in the former Grand Hotel. In 2015 a new campus was opened on the site of the former Katowice mine, founded by Carl Lazarus Henckel von Donnersmarck including old extant buildings, but the primary exhibition space is underground in what was the mine (

Inside the museum you will find a mix of contemporary art and Silesian History. Are present permanet exhibitions like the Laboratory of theatrical space or the Gallery of Non – Professional art and works of Polish artist of contemporary art, truly impressive and unique in their kind.

We were impressed from the structure of the building, very modern, illuminated, spacious and accessible to all. Also on Tuesday the entrance is free.

After about two hours of visit, we decided to try a Polish traditional dish: the Pierogi. They are stuffed with different kind of product, salty and sweet. They have a really good tasty!!

I leave you the link to check the official website of the Museum and the photos gallery.

Stay tuned!



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