3 countries in 2 days! (Travel tips in Poland)

Merhaba (Hello) everyone!

This post will be my first article in this website. As you may know, I’m Furkan. I’m from Turkey. I’m doing ESC in Industrial Cultural Center (Zabytkowa Kopalnia IGNACY – Rybnik). This article is about how to find travel tips. Like cheap plane ticket, free accommodation and so on..

January was really intense for me. I was in 3 countries in 2 days (Vatican, Italy and Poland). I had my arrival training in Warsaw between 19-26 January. Before going to my arrival training in Warsaw I have already planned my trip to Italy in advance. I was in Italy for vacation between 26- 31 January. I took my 2 days-off per month for this trip. In Poland you can also find very cheap ticket to most of the European cities by looking on Skyscanner.

I booked my ticket from Warsaw (Modlin) to Bologna for 15 Euro. While coming back, I decided to fly to Katowice since it’s closer to Rybnik. For this flight I just paid 10 euro.
From Ryanair;

This trip was a really great experience for me. I was in Bologna, Siena, Rome and Vatican. I rent an apartment through Airbnb during my trip for 5 days. I paid around 100 Euro with promotions.
You can also use the link below;
With this link, you can get €32 off for your first trip on Airbnb.

The last thing that I paid before my travel was the bus tickets. In Europe train tickets are very expensive. Because of this I decided to use buses during my travel. I bought my tickets from flixbus in advance, it cost me 35 euro. If you have an ESN card, you will get around %20 discount for your travels.

In 5 days, I spent 75 euro for the food. This Italy trip cost me around 235 euro. It can look much for the euro zone but it was a really nice budget management.
For more question you can ask me from here.
See you next time..



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