First italian lesson :)

Hi everyone!

Ciao a tutti!

Today I want to talk to you about the first Italian lesson.

We started with the presentations. People of all ages were present, men and women, children and young people. It was very nice for me to see people interested to know something more about my country, for curiosity, for memory, for passion! 😀

After the introductions, in italian, english and polish (thanks to Natalia) we started with a test to see the level of the students. Now we have two different classes: Beginners on Thurday and Pre-intermediate on Tuesday!

I had also prepared a simple italian song SOLE, CUORE, AMORE, with the translation in Polish. We read and repeated the main words together !

I’m so excited for the next lesson because I’m preparing a lot of material in three different languages and I hope we will have pleasant moments during the lessons, in order to learn while having fun! 😀

I leave you some photos of the day! I wait for you in class!!!

See you later!

Ci vediamo presto!



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