My weekend in Gdansk.

Holaaa!! It’s Paloma!!

Today I will tell you a little bit about my quick trip to Gdansk last weekend.

It was my friend’s birthday and he invited everyone from the arrival training to go last saturday to party at Sopot to celebrate his and his roomate birthdays. Only 5 of us could go, because some didn’t have days off or they were busy with their projects or it was just too far from them. But that ain’t no excuse! Gdansk is all the way up on the north and I live all the way down in the south of Poland and I went, I woke up the 30th at 3 am to take my first train, then I did a quick stop in Katowice and there I took the train to Gdansk, from 4;56 am till 12;54 pm, it wasn’t a short trip at all but it was worth it. I arrived in Gdansk and I met with my friend Roda, it was great seeing him again because it was one of the people whom I connected the most in Warsaw so I was very happy, after meeting we went straight to the hostel because another friend, Alani, was waiting for us. The three of us met at the hostel, we had a room for ourselves and the others that were coming so that was exciting, we went to have lunch and then back to the hostel to wait for the others. Our hostel was La Guitarra, I recommend it 100%, it’s in the center of the tourist area and it’s not expensive, you could see the river and the ferris wheel from our window, we were super close to the Old Town, and very close to the museum of the 2 WorldWar, we also meet super nice people from everywhere in the world because there’s a common room that is an open space with a kitchen, a living room, some tables to eat, games, and some guitars and a piano to play.

After the others started to arrive we started to get ready and go out to meet with Tamara and Javi who were already at a bar in the Old Town.We had so much fun, it was like we haven’t seen eachothers for a year and it only passed two weeks since Warsaw, but I guess there you can see that the bonding that we made is real. We stayed at that bar for a while and then we discovered a disco with free entrance, we danced for a couple hours and then some wanted to go to the hostel, but first we had to make a quick stop at a kebab because you know, it’s everyone’s favorite drunk food.We went to the hostel and fell asleep like babies. The next day it was Javi’s party so we walked around Gdansk and chilled at the hostel for most of the day and then around 9 pm Javi started to cook a TORTILLA, yes you read right, a beautiful, spanish, extremely tasty T-O-R-T-I-L-L-A. And then after dinner we got ready, started our night in the hostel and then we went to the Ferris Wheel, and let me tell you it was beautiful, Gdansk is beautiful during the day and during the night. After going around the ferris wheel a couple times we took ubers and went to Sopot and yeah, we had a great night. The next day we had to wake up early and everyone had to take it’s designated trains or buses to go home, this time we didn’t cry but it wasn’t because we weren’t sad, it was mostly because of how tired we were. Good thing is we will meet with everyone in Krakow in 3 weeks!!

So yeah, please if you have time go visit Gdansk, it’s utterly worth it.

Write to you soon!



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