How Sporty Are You?

We had a marathon on Saturday. We have prepared everything on the previous day and got up early in the morning. The marathon began at 10:00 am. For more fun, DJ performed, the kids played with him and we had fun too, due to we also take delight . An hour later the marathoners were training with their gymnast. The DJ took care of others mood. At 11:00 volleyball competition was held. Girls and boys played in teams together. Fabiana and me were making crafts from ballons, for instance dogs, ladybirds, flowers, swords, jirafes and e.t.c. due to make our contribution in charity too.

At 12:00 only children were given medals to motivate them to live with healthy lifestyle, because they are new generation. At 13:00 the Wola dance team performed some numbers. The girls were dancing completely well that’s why I made a video to share with my friends. At 13:30 five teams competed in funny starts. After the match the auction was arranged. The main purpose of the marathon was to help poor people. The event was a charity, and the proceeds will help the family who burned down the house.

I think the day was interesting and productive. Everything was well organized and everyone was happy to be involved in activities. We also tasted tarditional Polish dish żurek śląski.

When I thought about it at the end of the day, I realized that I had never run a marathon and what’s about you?

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