We are all in the same boat, I know….

In any case I would like to talk about the people like me that are abroad in this moment of difficulties for all the Countries.

While the virus is catching on and the dead and the infected increase, we remain mere observers of what’s going on around the world. We observe what is happening in our Country remotely… and is excruciating!

Especially in the place where the situation is really bed, like in Italy. We have our families and our friends there. They are in quaranteen. They can’t go outside and they are very frightened.

And we can’t move.

We can’t move because is a way to increase the infections and because all the transport are cancelled.

We are like in a parallel world and we hope the situation will be fine as soon as possibile. We don’t know when we will be able to embrace our families again.

At the same time we have problems with the activities that usaually implement.

For example, in Poland, the schools are closed until April and we don’t have more workshops, lessons, meeting and events.

The infected here are few but is already possible to see fear in people that are here especially towards foreign people.

Seeing what happened in other Countries, preventing spread is certainly the best strategy.

In this moment we must remain united from afar.

I hope to hear you with good news!

See you soon!



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