Mid-term training

Hello, It’s me Giorgi!

I have been living in Poland for almost 5 months. I am volunteering for The Industrial center of Culture in Rybnik. I want to tell you a little story.

I had a mid-term training in February. It was pre COVID-19 era. A place has been chosen very well. Torun is a historical city in the north-central Poland. Torun is a homeland of Mikolaj Kopernik and polish gingerbread (Torunskie pierniki). It is wonderful city with fantastic architecture and rich history.

It was unforgettable five days. I met many intelligent and funny people from different countries. We had many interactive and fascinating activities. We carried out tasks as part of the training. Thereby we visited three museums in the second day of our training. I especially liked House of Mikolaj Kopernik. It was exciting.

We discussed about our EVS, experience and ideas. We shared our opinions about future and life after EVS. Our trainers raised our awareness. I am happy because we had very productive and interesting sessions.

15 others people from Georgia, Italy, France, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia, Spain, Belgium and me spent fantastic time in wonderful Torun. I will always remember about those days.

Now, during quarantine and self isolation time these memories are much more dramatic and impressive.

1. Wash your hands frequently

2. Maintain social distancing

3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

4. Practice respiratory hygiene

5. Stay at home!


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