One week of Coronavirus quarantine

Hey!. I’m Furkan 

I’m doing my ESC in Rybnik. I’m writing this article in first week of coronavirus quarantine. The world struggling virus call “covid-19 (coronavirus)” from December 2019. Virus started in Wuhan / China. From February virus spread in Europe specially in Italy.

Here, it has started at 5th of February in Zielona Gora/ Poland.

Person who affected with virus died on 12th of February, so Polish Government took some precautions;

“Poland imposing border controls, suspending international flights other restrictions from 15th”… From Saturday midnight to Sunday control at all borders will be restored. Closing is initially valid for the next 10 days.

  • Far-reaching restrictions are placed on the possibility of foreigners crossing Polish borders.
  • From midnight, from Friday to Saturday, shopping malls will be limited.
  • Active remain, among others grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • The introduction of the epidemic threat status also means that meetings of over 50 people will not be allowed.

These mean that we will introduce full controls at all Polish borders , we can say about the temporary restoration of borders all the borders that were the internal borders of the EU will be restored, first for 10 days with the possibility of 20, and later for another month.

International passenger air connections and also rail connections will be suspended; it will happen on a night from Saturday to Sunday.

We are introducing a temporary ban on entry to Poland for foreigners – adds the prime minister.

International passenger air connections will be suspended, as well as rail connections, they will be suspended from Sunday, from 0.00 on Sunday, i.e. on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

After crossing the border, Polish citizens will be directed to a 14-day quarantine.

The borders remain open to the flow of goods – There are no grounds or fears that we will run out of food etc. we have very large surpluses.

Shops, banks, pharmacies

All stores remain open, banks, service outlets, ATMs, there will be enough funds, cash. From midnight, from Friday to Saturday, the activities of shopping malls will be limited; grocery, stores and pharmacies will be open there.

-Grocery stores as well as laundries, pharmacies and drugstores will remain open.

  • Where you can buy personal hygiene products. These are important articles in the event of an epidemic that clearly threatens us, ‘said Morawiecki.
  • All stores remain open, banks, service outlets, ATMs. There will be no shortage of funds, no shortage of cash. I am after talks with the relevant authorities, in this case the Central Bank and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Ministry of Finance – said Morawiecki.

Restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars

All restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars and casinos are suspended . Restaurants can provide delivery services.

  • All restaurants, cafes and other such service outlets that operate and which have such an opportunity can provide further take-out services, at the so-called delivery
  • Delivery generates less risk – he emphasized.
  • All specialists, epidemiologists warn against allowing people to gather in clusters – he noted.

Assembly of People/Meetings

  • Meetings of up to 50 people may take place, above this number no, this applies to all places where people could gather
  • The restriction applies to: marches, demonstrations, religious ceremonies and all assemblies related to the activities of central, local government and private institutions.
  • The restriction applies to all those places where people could gather and create danger for each other.

We as Volunteers have really difficult time during these days. Before the quarantine, they told us to work at home and not to go anywhere out from the country.

National Agency contact to me about the situation. They asked if I wanted to return back to Turkey. They could prove flight till 17th. But since today there is a big risk of infection in the airports and due to this virus I have to stay in quarantine in hospital for 14 days. So, I decided not to return back in this period of time and hope everything will be better.

Also, before this quarantine has started in Poland there was no any infection rate in Turkey, but now it’s 359/4 and more spelling then in Poland (367/5).

Yesterday, we said good bye to our flatmates Pani Paloma. She took the last flight which takes Spanish citizens to Homeland. We understand her situation due to she is younger then us. It was hard for her to live this time away from her family. Also it was really hard for us to say “see you” since we don’t know when everything will be normal again.

For now, we have some tasks to do online. Also we are keeping touch with our Polish teacher, coordinator and colleagues.

Also, We are trying to help our community with make grocery shopping for them since it’s very dangerous to go out for elderly people.

From Monday we will sewing masks in Zabytkowa Kopalnia Ignacy for the City Hospital.




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