Śmigus-dyngus and Easter Dinner In Poland

Hello dear friends / Witajcie drodzy przyjaciele

Today I want to tell you how Easter is celebrated in Poland. I will tell you in advance that I am not a religious person and I will not talk about traditions, prayers or etc. I want to tell you about Easter dinner and of course Śmigus-dyngus in Poland.

I will tell you that this is my first Easter away from home, in another country. So, I want to share my emotions with everyone.

A few days before Easter I received an invitation from my coordinator and the director of the office where I work. I didn’t think much of it, of course I agreed to the offer and decided to meet Easter with them.

Emilia, me and Paulina

Because of the worldwide pandemic, the daughter of the office director took me out of the house by car. Thanks to her for that. Emilia is a very nice girl, young, smart and beautiful. I was glad that she spoke English well and had no difficulty when communicating. Moreover, she cared for me throughout the day to keep me on a good mood.

In short, the house looks very lovely – small, cozy and full of love .. At the entrance I met a rabbit, which is certainly part of the Easter tradition. Upon arrival, I was greeted very warmly by everyone, including the director of the office Joanna, her husband, daughter and her boyfriend. We talked for a while before dinner and waited for the second daughter to arrive.

I tasted all the traditional dishes. To tell you the truth, everything was very tasty and incomparable. I can’t describe it in a few words, but all the traditional dishes, soups, sweets, cakes everything Joanna made with her own hands and please, believe me everything was immensely delicious. She rarely came to the table because he was fussing in the kitchen.
This is the person who is the best mother, wife and best cook for the family. I want to thank her and express my respect. Want to grow up to be like Joanna, just as energetic, beautiful, and smart as she is. She is one of the best and exemplary person for me.

Joanna’s husband is a loving father to his children.
Mr.Bogdan and me

In short, the evening went very smoothly, we laughed a lot, had fun, got drunk, ate and to put it simply, I fell in love with this family very much.

As for my best part, Joanna has made my favorite food all over Poland, called Żurek. This is a delicious soup that is my discovery.

So, I would like to tell you that on Easter you will see a lot of dishes in Poland, although all of them are extremely tasty.
Thanks to their family for the warm hospitality, I will never forget this day.

Żurek is a traditional Easter breakfast dish in Poland. The soup will include a spicy white sausage, to celebrate and mark the end of Lenten fasting.

on Monday, I visited Natalia, the coordinator. There, of course, I found a lot of food, not surprisingly. Everything was perfect and of course delicious. After dinner we played board games, had a little fun. Natalia took me to the yard and saw the little rabbits. Thanks to her for this opportunity and for inviting me.

However the most interesting thing happened on that day.

Natalia’s husband asked me to stand up before we had sweets, because we had a ritual to perform. When I was about to get up, Marcin was splashing the water to me. I was amazed. However, he explained to me that the tradition of Śmigus-dyngus is one of the components of Easter.

Thanks for hosting
With love,



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