Job Research during Covid-19

Hi guys! How are you? Today I would like to speak about the research of job during this unstable situation of Coronavirus epidemy.

I know this is a difficult moment to start to search a job but there are a lot of people that right now are finishing their University or are unemployed or have just finished a contract.

Meanwhile, you need to be patient because companies and recruiters are rearraging the way to hire and to start with a new employer. The best companies right now are starting with remote jobs and are leading interview from home with the help of the technology.

My first advice is to work on yourself. Now we have time to think about us, to start with another language or to improve our english and our digital competences. There are a lot of websites that offer free course with a certification.

Moreover my advice is to think about our mission to understand what kind of impact we would like to have with our work.

It’s important to find a Company with our vision and is the moment to make a research about the labor market. Which companies are growing up? Which competences are more request? How can I be perfect for this role?

These are the questions that we have to pay attention. Is better to concentrate on the soft skills. The Collins English Dictionary defines the term “soft skills” as desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge.

The job roles change frequently and it’s important to demonstrate that you have good ability that you can apply in every tasks and role you can have in the future.

So when you are ready you can strart monitoring the new offers and create a cv and a cover letter different for every role and Company. You have to change key words and make sure that you reflects vision, mission and skills that the company research.

If the recruiters call you for an interview with the telephone or via skype, you have to take information about the role and the Company. In the website you can find everything. Then, is important to prepare yourself as you are going to the office. Choose a place silent and with a good connession and make examples of your past experiences to explain you qualities.

..and Good luck!

Remember that what you sop today, you will reap tomorrow!

Thank you,



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