Lily’s first trip out of Poland’s lockdown period


The first day of summer and the first trip during Covid-19. I’d share you my hiking on three different trails with my coordinator and family members.

We went to Brenna from Wola at 9:00. As I remember it takes almost 1 hour (maybe 15 mins more or less). Directly we went in Brenna and start our adventure.

It was very pleasant almost 16-kilometres long walk in Brenna. We started hiking on blue trail which later on merged with yellow one and then it finished on green trail. The day was 24th of May.

The weather was not so perfect but, still, the views were nice.

The whole hike took us about 4-5 hours and it was nice, easy and very enjoyable. That was my first hiking in the mountains (Sorry to my country Georgia).

In fact, all trails in Brenna mountains are great for everyone – trails are wide and safe, there usually isn’t much height difference to do and the views are amazing. Every nature admirer will be delighted!

Nice viewsundemanding trails and fresh air – there’s actually nothing more we could ask for. I’d say that in Brenna there are great trails.

We had such an amazing conversation during our trip and one more great think is that Justina, family member of my coordinator invited me for holidays in Łódź for few days. Honestly, I’m so excited and can’t wait to visit there.

I just want to say thanks to them for this such an unforgettable memories and for a lunch. Because after our trip they also invited me to their house for a lunch.

To sum, 24th of may was one of the great day out of lockdown period and I’m so lucky person to be part of FRSP organization.



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