The multicultural mid-term training (online!)

Hi Guys! Today I would like to talk about an international experience that I appreciated a lot, even if done entirely online!

The picture that I have of this week are all screenshots of our faces and activities on zoom.

We should have gone in Torun to spend one week togheter, to socialize, have fun, visit the city and also try polish food. But as you know, right now this is impossible. We had to adapt.. and, for sure, it’s not the same. Because part of the training it’s to stay in contact with people also after the session and know the city that host you.

But I want to tell you that despite the negative expectations of all of us, it was an incredible “virtual” experience.

We spent one week togheter (obviously behind the pc) and we knew better each other thanks to the organization of the breakout room. A little online rooms where you can discuss about topics with a small group.

We had the opportunity to speak in english, to know new cultures and people from all over the world.

We shared our situations and we understand that we are all the same and we are going through the same difficulties wirh the same fellings but that we react and we are hoping for the future.

There were a lot of enthusiam in our activities. We have talked and express our felling with art, music, padlet, link, materials, photos, sentences. We collected a lot of considerations and advice from the others and then we shared a lot our expectations for the future.

The trainers were very avaiable also for personal consulting and very concrete suggestions and tools to help us in our future life.

We spoke a lot about passion talent and values and was very helpful for me to concentrate in the way that the other people observe and see us.

The discussion was truly free and open, without judgment and clashes.

It was our time to reflect about the current situation that unites everyone and a way to understand what we expect from ourselves for the future. A suspended time in which to feel understood and supported.

A virtual hug to everyone!

Thank you,



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