Corpus Christi holidays in Łódź

Hey, I’m so pleased and under too many emotions to upload you with my adventure in Lodz. The only emotions I’m familiar with are excited and amazed. I have too many feelings and memories and don’t want to miss a thing. So, I’m going to share you every single moment in details.

As I’ve already mentioned Justina hosted me in Lodz on Corpus Christi holidays. We’ve started our trip on 11th on June at 15:00. She was driving a car during 3 hours and at the same time we had such an amazing conversation. Which means that from Wola to Lodz took us 3 hours absence of traffic jams. Justina and me were speaking about our life and living abroad experiences, we’ve discussed some actually topics and also had fun. I’m not going to reveal you with more details, just save it for myself because of personal issues. Some part of the road was repaired and part of it is being actually rehabilitated. Which implies that our road trip went well.

To be honest, I have a problem with orientation but … literally I’m kind of a lucky person. Living apartment was so close to main road and easy to reach different destinations. As, Justina told me building is approximately 100 years old and believe me it looks so pretty and nice. Living apartment was so cozy and designed for one person. An important fact is that Justina earned money by working and living abroad and then she bought this one. So, I would like to say that she is the great example how does independent woman looks like.

Galeria Łódzka

We arrived in Lodz at 18:00. I knew that she was totally tired, but despite this she took me in nearby Park which was surprisingly green and great place for picnic. We took a little walk and visited one sight which was newly renovated and now it’s kind of a settlement of different people. At the end of the first day she bought for us couple bottle of the beer and snacks and we continued our conversation. If you don’t know I’ll reveal the secret to you that one of my dreams is to travel in Australia or New Zealand and it was super amazing when I found out that Justina was there. Why am I writing down this? Because She shared all the details how to make my dream true, also she shared photos from New Zealand and Australia with me and gave me advice. To sum, first day was so fruitful and great start to the holiday.

For the next three days I tried my best to visit as many sightseeing as possible. So, I’m going to share places where I’ve been in these days in Lodz. Let’s get started.

Lodz, Poland’s third largest city today is a center for modern technologies, a city of culture. It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with 20th century office buildings and culture. Lodz is perfect for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of exciting, modern Poland, so visit it and enjoy yourself.

  1. Manufaktura – If you enjoy both shopping and history you should definitely visit to Manufaktura. The shopping center is located in the beautiful brick buildings of the former 19th-century industrial estate that belonged to the textile magnate Izrael Poznanski and is well worth a tour. There are 240 shops and boutiques to browse through as well as many restaurants, a cinema, pubs, hairdressers, theaters, a fitness center, a bowling alley, a laser game center, and an interactive museum of science and technology.
  2. The Łódź Ghetto and Cemetery – Over 160 000 people are buried in Łódź’s largest Jewish Cemetery which was established in 1892. Its charm lies in the half-derelict state of the cemetery which is still being renovated. The beautiful stones covered with Hebrew sayings and symbols are half hidden between trees or covered in moss. One part of the cemetery called the ‘Ghetto Field’ is reserved to the 43 000 victims of the Holocaust who were living in the neighboring ghetto ‘Litzmannstadt’, one of the largest in Poland. 
  3. Herbst Palace and Museum – This large mansion is situated next to a lovely little lake. It was built by the city’s biggest industrial families, the Scheiblers and the Herbsts, in the 19th century. The palace has been entirely restored to its original state. It is now owned by Łódź’s Museum of Modern Art and houses the Old Masters Gallery which exhibits Polish and European artists from that era.
  4. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – It belongs to the Orthodox church and was built at the end of the 19th century.
  5. The Grand Theater – was founded in the 1950s under communist rule. It can still be found in the same location and the building is typical of that era. It specializes in opera and ballet although it also hosts choirs, orchestras, soloists and musicals.The interior is modern and comfortable, and the acoustics are excellent.
  6. Piotrkowska Street – is the heart of Łódź, measuring five kilometers in length which makes it one of the longest commercial streets in the world. It stretches between Independence Square and Liberty Square, and along the street you can find the city’s best restaurants, bars and shops. This street also houses Łódź’s Museum of the Textile Industry as well as several wonderful, life-size statues of famous Łódź figures.
  7. Museum of Modern Art – one of the oldest museums of Modern Art in the world and holds the largest collection of world art from the 20th and 21st centuries in Poland. It was founded by the a.r. group in the 1920s, a Polish avant-garde group of artists.
  8. Galeria Łódzka
  9. Exhibitions
  10. Mickiewicza Park – There are twenty trees in the Mickiewicza park inscribed on the list of nature monuments. Since 1984, the park has been entered in the register of monuments of the National Heritage Institute.
  11. Oddział Martyrologii Radogoszcz – This place is dedicated to commemorating the victims of World War II and the martyrdom of the inhabitants of Łódź and the Warta Country.

Except of this list I’ve visited lots of cathedrals and church as well parks with lots of lakes and ducks.

Herbst Palace and Museum was my discovery. “Heaven on Earth” that’s what I called this place. Actually I’m not kind of a person who get pleasure visiting the museum, I know it sound weird but I’m like that. This place is so luxurious, attractive and eye-catching.

On Sunday, Justina came back from Lublin trip to home and we went on Piotrowska street for drinking a couple beer again and for relax. To sum, everything went super perfect during holiday. I came back to Wola on Monday, 15th of June. Pleasant fact is that, on early morning Justina also went with me to the train station and finally I left Lodz with full of emotions. That’s what my vacation looked like.

Thanks Justina for hosting me and sharing such an amazing and incredible experiences ever. That was one of the great memories living in Poland.

Highly recommended to Lodz! If you are interested in more details about travelling in Lodz don’t be hesitate to ask me. – I was guided by this link and also Justina’s recommendations.



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