How to clean your online presence – to get a job

Hi everyone! Today I would like to speak about online social presence. Everyone knows how is important today to be “clean” in the social networks to find job.. but WHY and HOW?

Let’s find out together!

Our online presence has become a way of getting to know some of our aspects… also with regards to the workplace.

Yes, because almost all recruiters, before proceeding with an interview with a candidate, check their online presence.

So, don’t worry! you can decide what to show but maybe is better to start with a little research of yourself. You can insert your name and surname on google and see what appears. Professional photos? Embarassing posts?

You can decide what to show but start to think that also your boss and your future Company can make a research and know more about you from this channels. Would you have shown these aspects?

So, to help you think, I decided to share with you a useful checklist with a lot of directions, to understand how to clean your social and your online presence. As you will see, make everything private, it’s not always the best solution!

Below you can find and download the resource posted in

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Thank you,

See you soon!



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