One month after Online Mid- Term Training 25-29.05.2020

Hello Guys!

Long time no see. Last time when I wrote article about one week of Coronavirus quaraintine in Poland ( Now we are around 110 days of quaraintine. Now regulations are less strict with social distance.

I want to show you how was my last week with volunteers around Poland. Polish National Agency decided to make our mid-term training online (MTM) which suppose to be in Torun. When I receive mail about it. I really disappointment, I though it won’t be same like in Warsaw. But it came out, even if we cannot be in same place with people we can still learn, discuss and have fun.

This mid-term meeting took 5 days start from Monday. Every day we had morning session between 9.30 and 13.00 and afternoon session between 14.30 and 16.00. Additonaly everyone will have an access to individual consultations with our trainers Marta and Wojciech – everyday at 16.00.

Before we startur Trainers want to show tools we will going to use during MTM. Which were;

Where we can follow all secions form;

Where we make our online meeting;

I used to make group conversation with Zoom. But I didn’t know breakout room where you can partly in pairs, smaller groups in zoom.

Also before we meet with the group trainers ask from us to intruduce ourself via


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