A day out in Katowice with Enzo

On wedesday after work I went to Katowice with the new volunteer Enzo.

We were at the bus stop in Wola waiting for the bus to Oswiencim, but the bus didn’t come so because we had to wait for more than 1 hour we decided to eat something in the restaurant in front of the bus stop, i took a delicious polish soup, we got back to the bus stop and also the other bus didn’t show up, so we decided instead to go to tychy by van and then to katowice, we saw the bus to oswiencim coming with 20 minutes delay but we couldn’t take it because we were to the other side of the road… once we arrived to Katowice we went to the hostel and we met an old friendly polish man who told us the story of his life and about his job in switzrland for the red cross and showed us his medal for more than 40 years of service. Once we left the hostel we went to the language exchange event, once we arrived there was nobody but in 1 hour there were more than 50 people, i spoke in italian after a month and i helped the nice polish girls at the table with their questions, then we switched to polish and they were amazed of my good but broken polish after only 1 month in Poland, i made new friends and i think i will come back every wednesday, later i joined other people to go to eat zapiekanka, half backed baguette with mushroom cheese and the sauce you want, i choose chilli and garlic, it was delicious, the day after after i woke up i realised that the old polish man prepared for us the breakfast, scrambled eggs with bacon and a cup of tea, i didn’t eat it because i’m vegetarian but i accepted the tea, in hostel sometimes you meet beautiful people. once we got out Enzo went shopping for the whole morning, and bought many things of his great passion: “the army”, he bought an army jacket and pants, army shoes, army weapons but not guns (i hope), on the way back we discovered we both like survival bushcraft in the forest so on saturday and sunday we might bushcraft in wola little forest.


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