Empowering regions through volunteering – A step to a career, POLAND, Oświęcim

Hello everybody,

    I am Khatuna Zabakhidze, everyone calls me Khato so, feel free to do it too. I’m taking part in the Voluntary Individual Project: Empowering regions through volunteering in Oświęcim.

As for the origin, I am Georgian, 22 years old. Have studied at the faculty of Economics and Business for Bachelor’s degree. Besides professional experiences, I have been a group leader at summer camps for several times. To say it short, working and communicating with children are the things I’m really good at. That’s not only my opinion, everybody agrees. Because of my dependence on children I have decided to take part in this project and here I am, full of enthusiasm and desire to be the worthy volunteer
    After graduating from the university and after searching many projects I found out the exact one. Frankly speaking, I am the happiest person because I was chosen. Everybody who is interested in volunteering should experience how does it feel abroad, what’s different from their country, what’s similar. That was my main motivation. Now I’m in Oświęcim, writing this Blog, sharing my experience to you proudly because I am where I have always wanted to be. You know what’s the most important in life? You should experience everything, living abroad, meet interesting people, share cultures. I am happy that in Poland I will be able to meet and explore different cultures and will understand the significance of keeping my own traditions alive while sharing them with others. I already feel that this project grants me the opportunity to completely immerse myself in an English language and the main, Polish language, which I have always wanted to learn and can proudly announce that the first lesson was fantastic. This language has always been in the field of my interests and now I already can say hello and basic words in Polish. It means something, doesn’t it?
    Furthermore, I have always liked the beautiful cities and places in Poland. I will visit every tourist attractions, definitely visit big cities like Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw and promise, I’ll give you some information about these places and activities as well.
    At the end, I want to advise you to take part at European Projects which will help you to explore the world, improve yourself, your communication skills, which will help you to grow up. You will gain the best skills and the best part, you will meet the people who will be and remain as the best people in your life. So, take the chances, do your best and discover a new way to live your life, as I did.

I’ll update you soon!


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