Why I decided to volunteer

¡Hola! My name is Coco, I’m Chilean but me and my family call Madrid our home since 2011. I am a passionate creator, enthusiastic about technology and culture. That’s why I work as a web and graphic designer and create content for social media. I enjoy getting to know new cultures, other ways of thinking and I love languages, now I’m volunteering in Rybnik.

I had a stable job and plans that worked perfectly until the coronavirus came, my job, all my normality and all my expectations fell apart. While I was rethinking all my goals, looking for new opportunities and basically thinking about what to do with my life, there came a moment when I felt that I was thinking too much about myself, too much, so I decided to look for opportunities to help others. So I found social projects to participate online, the experience was so pleasant that I started to look for something bigger, to get out of my comfort zone. 

Googling I found “European solidarity corps”, I was fascinated by the amount of opportunities. I spent several days reading many projects, but the one I liked the most was this one, for which I have been selected and it has already started. 

I have lived in different places, but always in big and noisy cities, so one of my goals was always to experience life in a small one. I am also a lover of art, culture and education, so when I saw that this opportunity was to work in a cultural centre in Rybnik I knew that it was time to live a different and exciting journey.

So thanks to the work of a great team, the sudden chaos in my life culminated in this adventure.I hope to be a contribution for the people with whom I will work, to know and to contribute to the culture of Rybnik.


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