So the adventure begins in Oświęcim!

I’m Ana from Georgia 24 years old. Part time lawyer and full time art lover. I’m so happy that I got a chance of volunteering! it’s a great experience which helps you to be more active dynamic and enthusiastic.

Now I want to tell a bit about myself.

After finishing university started working at Public Service Hall where I helped people with making and receiving needful documents in one area. Communicating with people was the biggest motivation for me to start working there. Its very pleasant when customer is satisfied and after hard-working day you have only one thing in your mind that the working day was hard, but worthy of its hardness.
To my mind, interacting with kindness and being conflict-free at everyday life is significant massage for humanity, on which world should concentrate nowadays. This plays crucial role with cultural commonwealth and cultural diversity. I have never had experience as a volunteer and due to this, I want to challenge myself in different cultural environment. Its always interesting when you are in different culture.

At the same time I’m amateur artist who always explores new inspirations, my hobby is drawing and sketching everything around me. Volunteering in a such a great place like Poland is amazing opportunity for more inspiration and enthusiasm. As I know, lot of Polish artists are deeply influenced by Poland’s history of war and memory, I guess that’s why their works are so inspiring.
“Empowering Regions through volunteering – a step to a career”- Is a project where you are getting to know lot of international people and cultures. It’s a great opportunity, especially to learn Polish – one of the most interesting languages in the world! This culture and especially – language has its beautiful sonority which is felt in old folk songs and poetry – It sounds poetic and deep, a little nostalgic, but at the same time beautiful and timeless.
As a starter volunteer my major aim is to find out about different culture, also to express myself and the most important – my country, as a on of the most multicultural countries in the world!
I except lot of during this project and I hope that next 10 months will be the most remarkable in my life.

So the adventure begins:)


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