New friends

last week i met new volunteers who will participate in projects around Wola, Enzo from France, Ani and Kato from Georgia, they are friendly people, on wednesday i went with Enzo to the intercultural language exchange event in katowice where i met many new people, on saturday i went hiking in the forest near Wola with Enzo to Brzeszcze and back, this forest is very nice and for sure i will come back again, there are also lakes and the river Wisla. On sunday i went to Oswiecim to meet the two georgian girls Ani and Kato, we hang out in oswiecim and laugh a lot. on tuesday i went to katowice with Enzo and we met Ani and Kato, we walked a bit through the city and in the evening we went to a french event, i will definitely spend more time with them during my voulnteering service here in Poland


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