The First Impressions

    Our adventure has begun. Two days ago we visited Katowice, everybody agrees that this city is in the number of must-visit places in Poland. First impressions were remarkable, people seemed happy and joyful.

We have met our mentor- Tomek, our guide and volunteers – Enzo from France and Marco from Italy. In Katowice we tasted the spiciest Zapiekanka, the taste will be remembered for a lifetime. It was some kind of good and very funny experience. In the evening we joined the French people meeting which was the great example of cultural exchange and the greatest experience for us.
    Our town, Oświęcim, is one of the most historical places in Poland just because there is a Memorial and Museum Auschwitz, where you can feel post-war emotions even today. To say it short, it’s must-visit place where you’ll learn and see how people were treated during the World War II.
So, if you are going to visit Poland, definitely visit Oświęcim.

We will keep you updated!


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