All about On Arrival training

Frankly speaking, when I was invited on Arrival training’s live sessions I thought that it could be a little bit tiring because of online platform and Zoom. Fortunately, I was wrong. In this Blog I’m going to tell you about those unforgettable days.

Trainings were the most interesting and informative. The main thing is that It wasn’t just listening to some information but we were absolutely part of the training, which was full of interesting tasks. I’m happy that I’ve met so many amazing volunteers around the world, found out about their hometowns, their motivation, aims, we exchanged our expectations and project ideas, discussed its advantages and disadvantages and expressed our opinions on each matter.  During these trainings we also did projects about Poland, its culture, cuisine, people’s attitude to foreigners. These projects closed me to Poland so much. We have also discussed homesickness and found out the best ways to handle it. You will agree that it’s common problem for each volunteer around the world.

As for the trainers, they were one of the best ones that I’ve ever met. I want to say thanks to them again and again. They were very attentive to the details and were explaining everything in an interesting way and so understandable. Oh, and I almost forgot, during these days I improved my Polish, the main – pronunciation and discovered new phrases as well. In the end, I want to say thanks to every participant for their interesting ideas and the best feedbacks they gave to me. I read these positive messages so often just because when I read it, it makes my day.

To summarize, these trainings, which built a community among participating volunteers, taught me a lot and I kept nice memories from it.

I’ll keep you updated!


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