Zoo Chronicles

This my title of my article and the beginning of a serie of articles on differents zoos in Central Europa. I want during all my volunteering, try to visit in first all of Polish zoos and after visit some of other countries if I have time.

Few words about the zoo, It was created in 1927, at the same place than now. During World War 2, because of the war, a lot of animals died and other went to Germany. After war, despite money difficulties, the zoo grow up from one year to an other to become who it is now.

On left, its the entrance with a fresco and on right, its zoo plan.
There is a lot of differents birds, you can see flamingo, parrots and a condor.
Classics birds and some more exotics, few are free in the zoo.
Some differents animals including the local celebrity Zubr
Last big animals…
…To little big bugs, if you get lost in Amazonia, you should meet them, they are full of proteins.
For those who like reptils, this is the place.
Differents size and colour at fish world.

That’s the end of my article, I like how the zoo is place, I was little surprise at the beginning to see a big one in a middle of a capital city but its good.

Next time, I will visit the zoo and aquarium of Wroclaw.


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