Youth Workshops

I’m gonna tell about the workshops from school and youth center. Well, firstly, I want to admit that National Georgian dances are quite difficult and the moves – hard to repeat, but …

… It turns out that Polish youngsters dance Traditional Georgian Dances amazingly. It wasn’t as difficult as it was supposed to be to repeat every moves from dances. At the first classes I taught them “Adjaruli” – one of the most popular dances from my country. These classes are going to be held per week. It’s not only joyful but so prideful for me to teach one of my national dances. The fact, that youngsters have desire and are always ready to study and repeat the moves, is really marvellous. They taught me Belgium dances and some moves from Polish dances. To say it short, we have big plans and looking forward to the meeting again.
   It’s impossible not to admit about English classes, which was so interactive. We’ve talked a lot about future jobs, importance of choosing a job, dangerous ones. Students expressed their opinion on working abroad, I want to say that most of them want to stay and work in Poland. That’s great! We’ve exchanged ideas. They told me a lot about Poland, country’s cuisine, family traditions. During the lesson my expectations were justified. It was really amazing. I’ve also made a presentation about Georgia – its geography and tourism which was really liked among students.
So, the workshops for youth are going well. We have a lot of plans and I will I’ll update you about this soon.

BTW I’m sharing slide where you can see some photos from workshop days.



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