A day in youth center

When I discovered that I’m gonna spend 2 days in a week at MDK youth center with children age 6-11, I was very happy and excited, because I have never had such a great experience with children of that age.
Due to my hobby is making art, my classes are about art & art therapy.

Besides of some activities that children usually do at art classes, it’s a grea
t opportunity for them to show how to see things from another, more colorful and creative sides.
In the first day at MDK I met teacher of art classes, hardworking and amazing lady named Margosha who was very excited and curious to see me.
The room where children had their art classes looked amazing! There were lot of paintings on the walls made by all of them together, even from window it was seen that this was a room for making arts.
At 16:00 class was already full with children, who where a bit loud but still lovely. I introduced them myself in Polish and then played name game. Later I had a little conversation about their favorite colors and after I showed them my favorite color combinations about Autumn theme.
In the end of the day when I returned back to home I was very surprised that somehow it wasn’t that hard to communicate with children as I imagined before 😉



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