Integration weekend with FRSP

We, Khato and Coco, want to tell you about our integration trip with FRSP staff at the weekend. We knew that it would be great but frankly speaking it was hundred times better than expected.

Our first destination was Leśny Park Niespodzianek in Ustroń, place full of surprises. There you can not only see numerous forest animals but you can also feed them, wich was the best part. Furthermore, we saw the show of birds of pray (hawks, eagles..) where they displayed their amazing flying abilities and later owl’s show which was stunningly beautiful! Feeding animals out of our hand was one of the best feelings ever. Seeing and feeding majestic Buffalo left a huge impression. You know what? When you have only seen pictures of that animal on Google and have read that it can be extremely dangerous, feeding it makes you feel proud and we could see how calm Buffalos are. The experience was really marvellous. After the park, we tasted some traditional food and beer, which we already not only liked but LOVED. In the evening we had barbecue, fire and talking evening. The situation was so comfy and we had the feeling like spending time with big and friendly family, actually we are already a big family.
On Sunday we went hiking on a mountain. It’s true that Wisla welcomed us with rain and a storm at night but during hiking the weather was fantastic. We passed Góra Orłowa and finally at Ustroń Równica we had the opportunity to taste traditional soup żurek in a loaf of bread and tea with raspberries. In the end of the day we were tired but so proud and satisfied with the result of our journey wich was 13 kilometers. Of course we have taken some photos which you can have a look at and enjoy. 🙂
In the end, we want to thank FRSP and the staff for this interesting trip and unbelievable memories.

Much love!
Khato and Coco


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