Why is it worth visiting Poland in autumn?

It’s a last day of autumn. November 30th. It’s a first time im visitng another counry. Actually, autumn is my favorite time of a year. You see lot of different colors and things. from semptember to november you may see how hot summer days are becoming shorter and colder and in the and of november you already feel it – winter is coming!

Just as the Japanese are waiting for the cherry blossom, people in Poland also celebrate the seasonal beauty of nature. “Golden Polish Autumn” is a short period, usually in October, when trees are full of warm, vibrant colors, and leaves are shimmering in the sun until they finally drop off. The weather often is sunny and warm, so parks and forests are full of people enjoying their time close to nature. However, you may see that its already time to unpuck warm sweaters an jackets.

During those three months- september, october and november Poland celebrates several dates like – Senior’s day, All saints day and Independence day of Poland. Its so interesting how people in different cultures have special dates.

The International Day of Older Persons held on 1 October is an opportunity to congratulate and to extend gratitude, but also to remind of the importance and the necessity for a wise senior policy. Its a great thing that young people should always appreciate olders and show them their respect.

The 1st of November is All Saints Day. It is a public holiday in Poland and day when entire families visit cemeteries to lay flowers and light the candles on the graves of their loved ones. It is also an opportunity to meet with distant relatives who often travel from the other part of Poland to visit the cemeteries and remember about those who passed away. Every year we visit the cemeteries after dark. The smell of chrysanthemums and thousands of burning candles it is nostalgic and beautiful at the same time.

The 11th of November is National Independence Day and also a public holiday. There are many ways to celebrating this day, starting from the official parade in Warsaw, finishing on small ceremonies in polish towns. Due to from this time till now I live in Oswiecim, on that day when i went for a walk I saw lot of raised Polish flags everywhere, in streets, even from the windows and balcony’s you could see Polish flags . This was a good feeling, it’s so exciting to see how Polish people show love and excitment for their country’s independence.

Saint Andrew’s Day (“Andrzejki”) is celebrated on the 30th of November. On this day, many dance parties or smaller house parties are organized, and people attending the party try to predict the future in different ways. One of the methods is to pour hot wax through the hole in a key into cold water and try to guess what the pattern represents.

November is very unique month – you see how days are becoming shorter and around 4pm it’s already dark. Sunny days are replaced with cloudy and rainry days. temperature drops and you are forced to wear warmer clothes then before, in october, or maybe few days ago when you thought that winter forgot to come 😀

So, Why is it worth visiting Poland in autumn?
Because its a great thing to see how nature changes day by day and how it gives us different colors for inspiration – in september leaves start to change it colors . In october all leaves are already yellow. And november – you never know what are you gonna except from november – rain, sunny/cloudy weather, wind or even – snow. Besides, its a great thing to discover how Polish people celebrate different dates. Those dates say a lot about their culture and values and it’s so interesting for foreigners 😉
Its a snowy day and it’s a last day of november. Snow on a last day of autumn is a great coincidence, and it really symbolizes winter’s majestic arrival.

Your faithfully, Ana 🙂


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