Today feminism is the task which is spoken a lot and still is understood in many ways. If you ask people to define if, there will be plenty of different opinions. In this article, I am going to express my opinion on this matter and share my ideas.

Being feminist means working and fighting to achieve equality of all people and being against the facts that were so frequent, facts of bullying women, living with stigmas, be divided by the shape of body or the clothes you wear, being told that something you want to choose or achieve isn’t for you and it’s man’s job and plenty of such cases which I think really damage people’s mental health.
Before writing this article I’ve listened some speeches and I want to admit Nigerian activist and writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She explains many interesting cases from her or other women’s experience and clarifies that the way “we teach girls that they can have ambition, but not too much … to be successful, but not too successful, or they’ll threaten men” is really incorrect and not fair. I can say that I agree with her in most tasks (as well as disagree sometimes)  and most of the cases were very familiar, because of society, people around me and so on, but still there are some exceptions that really shocked me by existing in this century. the fact that Nigerian female walking into a hotel alone is considered to be a sex worker is the one that is really insane. Furthermore, as I’ve found out women can’t go into bars and clubs alone, without being accompanied by a man. Frankly speaking, those facts shocked me. Why is it depend on the gender when you want to take a room in hotel or when you want to go to a bar or clubs just to hang out alone? That’s so frustrating! Those cases cause inner protest and make you start fighting for better future.
Everybody have been faced up to the facts that express lack of gender equality. Such things that I have listened or found out in my surroundings or in society is about the age of marriage. Sometimes most of the people think that if the man hit a certain age and isn’t married it’s okay but in case of woman for the same age they think that it’s too late. The things about virginity is the one which express the lack of gender equality even in my country (hopefully not most people think in that way but still exist big number of ones who think). They praise girls for virginity before marriage but they don’t praise boys for it.
From the above mentioned, I reckon that such things and poor examples of bullying people for their gender or anything are so out of date and will be changed by raising people’s awareness. Hopefully, one of the best thing that the new generation has is a rational thinking, which can change a lot of things.

Thank you for reading,
Regards, Khato:)


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