Ready to swim in the waves of change, get to know Fabjola.


I am Fabjola, 23 years old from the northernmost city of Albania. Thankfully, I started a volunteering project in Poland which is about “Empowering regions through volunteering”. I consider this a great opportunity to get to know more about Poland and volunteering aspects.

I feel very happy and excited to be here, hopefully I will discover many things about Poland and its culture.  Especially, I know that through different activities and services provided from the project I will have the chance to challenge myself, to discover new skills and raising awareness about different topics.  I just arrived here and I already feel cozy and comfortable with the environment and people around.

I think that concept of time is relative, we only have the present, consequently I am a person that enjoys the moment, and I like to feel “the now” to make good memories on time. Usually I follow the flow of things and let things happen, on the other hand I commit and take responsibilities trying to give my best.

I love nature and calmness as well as dancing and having fun with friends.  I like red wine in the winter and the white one in the summer, my other favorite drink is water. I am very excited for what is waiting me in upcoming 10 months, embracing a new culture, meeting new people and making new friends, get to learn a lot of new things and being active in the opportunities given. I would highlight about myself that I am in love with peace and freedom, these concepts are the ones who feed my soul and want them always along with me as well as to transmit these feelings to the others.

To sum up, I hope that I will be able to give my contribution and support during my volunteering project by working and collaborating with the others. Moreover, I am enthusiastic to study polish and to explore into their beautiful culture during this time.


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