What do I think about feminism

We as human beings, time to time are sensitive about topics especially when we are touched on some principles. I saw the speech of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and I find it very meaningful and inspirational with her story and her grandmother’s story.

In my country, unfortunately are evident most of the cases that she explained about the prioritization of men in life and time to time have been the protagonist in these cases because of the culture but as Chimamanda expressed people make the culture.

I would like to share with you some similar things that still happen in my country, we have some expressions as “the girl is born in foreign home and will go in her home” it means that she hadn’t born on her family because her family is when she will go to her husband. Moreover, men and women in mostly in rural areas are not being treated equally also in basic manners, exists a perception that man should have more/better food than a woman and this is dramatic. To not mention topics about clothes, respect, opportunities that were very clear in Chimamanda speech. It hurts to know what is existing in our society and feminism is really needed as a movement, let’s make clear that we all are human beings in the very first place.


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