On-Arrival Training Experience

This experience was really beautiful to me even though online, still we could interact a lot and have conversations like getting to know each other, our cultures, practicalities of volunteering, advices how to manage different things and learning Polish phrases in a really attractive way.

I can say it was the best training I had online even though I would like to have it in person. We made some plans to meet one day. I hope that will the opportunity to meet some of volunteers during my staying in Poland.

I needed this training and the worth of it I could know only in the end, when finishing I didn’t want to that to end. We could exchange a lot ideas about sort of things like: cooking, not spending so much money, cheap travelling, physiology, philosophy, commutation skills, self learning books in Polish, conflict resolution and a lot of other things.

The methods used were so practicable and inclusive for all of us as I could notice. Mostly we stayed in breakout rooms of zoom with a small group with different volunteers and the trainers took care to change the persons in groups so I could know each of them.

This training was all-inclusive I could learn many practical things and very happy I was part of it and could get to know those amazing people and the coolest trainers ever.

Fabjola D


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