Confessions of a wolontariuszka

What a better way to start the day than by talking about an on arrival training, shall we? I am pretty sure you think that there is nothing to be said and yes I know what you feel as I had the same attitude. Now after finishing 5 day training I feel sad as I finished one of the most amazing training that I have ever attended and believe me I have attended plenty of them. As Dr.Seuss once said Don’t cry because it is over , smile because it happened and I am following the quote.

On arrival training is not just an obligatory training where you have to sit for several hours in front of the screen wandering when the training will end, on the contrary on arrival training is a training that gives you an opportunity to meet amazing people , to share personal experiences , to become a family to each other and what is important to think more about your life. On arrival training made me think why I am here, what is my aim and what do I want to achieve in 10 month. The most interesting activity that we did was wandering in the streets of Poland in search of an object that represents us in the first steps of our volunteering experience .As I was wandering in the street trying to find a piece of me I understood that I have been carrying that object everywhere with me for around 15 days without realizing. You might be interested in what it is and I will tell you. Object that represents me , my emotions , and my future goals is a simple bus ticket from Dortmund to Pszczyna. A bus ticket that showed me how afraid I was of a change in life , how scared and weak I was feeling at that very moment while I was waiting for the bus to come. That simple bus ticket represents Tamuna that I never want to return to. Every morning when I wake up and see the ticket on the wall it reminds me the reason why I am doing all of this. As they say in Vilnius university from here the way goes to the stars. After 10 month the ticket will stay in the room along with old and scared Tamuna.

If you ask me, this training is the best thing that happened to me by far even though it was done via zoom. I had the best trainers Ania and Eliza. Everyday they were sharing pieces of themselves by sharing with us their music , thoughts and ways of becoming better people. They taught us a lot about Polish culture , language and traditions. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and to sum up my article, do not judge a book by its cover because you do not know what treasure is hidden inside.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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