How do Albanians celebrate Carnivals

Carnival Festival is popular mostly in the south part of Albania. In these days will be arranged a big festival where people wear masks and costumes and a lot of singers/groups etc are there to entertain people that usually come from all around of Albania.

The city where Albanians gather to have a lot of fun mainly with friends and cousins is beautiful Korca. You will see people in the street wearing masks and some of them costumes, drinking beer (Korca is the city of beer as well), dancing and having a good time without worries. Individuals are dressed like carnivals and among them there are groups with guitars and masks. The city will have also some decorations dedicated to the Carnival celebration.

Korca Carnival has started to be celebrated 40 years ago, a period when the cultural life of this city has been rich. In a humorous way, they reflected the problems of the period. Carnivals were suspended after the ‘60s to return after the ‘90s in an annual tradition which marks the start of the tourist season in Korca.

Moreover there is also a movie about Carnival in Korca, and numerous of theatres played by national actors of Albania.

Children are also the group which enjoy this celebration, they wear masks and arrange theatre/festivals by being protagonists as well as doing parades around the city. You can notice their smiley faces and costumes full of colours and for them is really a special day!

Fabjola D


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