From the Atlantic pearl to the Land of Fields – Get to know Mafalda

Olá! My name is Mafalda Andrade, I’m 19 years old and I’m from the beautiful city of Câmara de Lobos in Madeira Island, (Portugal), also known as theAtlantic Pearl. For the next 10 months I’ll be a member of the volunteering project – Challenge yourself in Rybnik 2.0 in Rybnik´s Industrial Cultural Center in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps Programme. And what a better way to explore Europe, get out of my comfort zone and help people than being a volunteer in the gorgeous “Land of Fields”.

Poland and my island have nothing in common. They are two completely different worlds. Which is why I decided to come here and go on an adventure way far from home. During these 10 months my main goal is to bring joy and laughter to all souls that come across me. I am already very excited and grateful to be here due to how nice my co-workers and the other volunteers are.

I am a free spirit. Attached to nothing but connected with everything. I put all my physical and psychological effort only on the persons and things that make me happy, there’s no room for bad vibrations here. Among the many things that bring me peace one of them is playing the guitar, along with hiking, roadtrips with the people I love and do exercise.

Here, on this magnificent place, I seek new skills to enrich my knowledge about every subject there is. Even though I’m very young I can still offer a lot and also learn as much as possible about this country and its people.


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