Warsaw Vibes

“Cultivation, old civilization, beauty, history! Surprising turnings of streets, shapes of venerable cottages, lovely aged eaves, unexpected and gossamer turrets, steeples, the gloss, the antiquity! Gardens. Whoever speaks of Paris has never seen Warsaw. Whoever yearns for an aristocratic sensibility, let him switch on the great light of Warsaw.”
― Cynthia Ozick

Sometimes all you need is a trip! The feeling of exploring a nation, a culture and a past of a country and more than that is precious. I will share with you my beautiful experience visiting Warsaw. Have you ever had the feeling the you want to move somewhere for a bit and disconnect to have a stronger connection with what you are living? Yes I had this feeling so I decided in a very spontaneous way to make a trip toward Warsaw. I took a train which would send me to Warsaw for 4 hours. I was sat close to the window and watching the views of different places I was passing by with music in my earphones I got stuck with “Alina Baraz – Drift”. Than I started to read a book that I like a lot, and you know are these moments when you can easily get focused and understand (maybe in your own way) every word and you can find yourself belonging to some fragments, you can feel and notice how good friend is a book.

Moreover I arrived in Warsaw, my friends were waiting for me there. We decided to go to a Wilanov Palace, a historic place where “Polish Versailles” and Kings lived. It was like in movies a big garden and giant building. So stunning…

After that we went at the hostel to rest, my friends wanted to go to a party just after changing their clothes, I loved their energy and their joyful spirit, but I was having another vibes, enjoying being in Warsaw. I decided to stay in the hostel as the environment was so warm and from the window I could see the road and cars moving and somehow feeling the Warsaw vibes, a good good feeling. So I could also rest in order to feel full of the energy for the next day.

The day was about to start, only me and my friend from Albania got up early, after breakfast we took the bus and went to centrum of Warsaw :). There were some amazing buildings like: Kinoteka and the Theatre, they looked old and strong. The Kinoteka was very high and I focused my eyes for e bit just seeing it and I allowed myself to be amused by this beautiful building. And yes it was time for a picture of it and with it.

Me and my friend felt a strong desire to visit a Museum so we stopped two girls (a very nice and friendly one) and they suggested us to go to the national Museum which was open (we tried to get in to one another but was closed). So we just went there, was a big line of people waiting to get in but by doing conversation and we saw our self close to the door to get in. Finally inside and directly we visited the sector of ancient world, we could see the mummies of Egypt, papyrus of Roma and figures of ancient Greeks a lot of culture of ancient world from the Palaeolithic period. A lot of decorations that were used these times, as well as the mobility of the soldiers and a lot of other details introducing me more concretely with the past. Then we visited the sector of Africa we could see a lot of decorations again but different ones, the temple of Jerusalem (not original one) and we could hear some music representing the culture.

The sleepyheads (other friends) joined us finally so we meet and went to visit the Old Town, the beautiful old town of Warsaw. I was looking around and feeling happy. I saw young people laughing, having fun, couples keeping each other by hands and beautiful architecture around. I also saw a bride and groom, they were making the movie of wedding. An amazing atmosphere, I was observing and feeling in love with living that moment.

It was time to leave, I felt that there it was much more to see, but it was a good feeling even though I didn’t stay so long. Maybe one day will visit again… Who knows!


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