On arrival training – definitely one of the best experience in my life. I can say it was like from obligatory, where you have to sit for several hours in front of screen and be bored, to continuous training, which you want to continue nonstop. Let’s talk about it and share emotions.

I’m pretty sure that you think that it was usual type of training and there was not anything special. To be honest from the beginning I had the same thoughts, but NOW it’s absolutely different, even it was done though online and it’s all the merit of the trainers and participants.

I had the best trainers Kasia, Kash and Eliza. Every day they were creating a calm and working atmosphere, by sharing with us Polish music, thoughts and ways of becoming better people. Our schedule was busy, though very interesting and informative. We had language animations, it really helped me to learn some Polish sentences. We were discussing several topics together and in breakout rooms. We learn more about Polish culture and due to participants were from different countries about these countries too.

One of the interesting task was drawing map of the world, without using google maps, atlas, nor other visual aids – we needed to draw it as we remembered it right now and after this share it with others. It was really funny. Another important task was “Story of a green man and an orange planet” this story made me to think about What was my call for this adventure? What was the impulse that led me to the decision to come to become volunteer in Poland? How do I recognise my dragon? and so on.

We had a planty of games for example search of an object, that represents you. For me I choose backpack, because I love travelling and exploring other countries. In the future I want to travel a lot and to learn a lot too.

All this discussions, talks, games, lessons, meetings new friends and funny, but informative things helped me adapt in Poland even more. I’m grateful for this opportunity and to sum up the article, I can say that after this amazing training I’m full of energy and feel like I have caught a new wave and new ideas for action.

On arrival training

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