English Lessons with Tamuna

Hi everyone,

It is Tamuna again and today I will tell you about my very first English class in Wola. To be honest, at first expectations were low as I was told that the lessons had to be conducted via Zoom and I did not expect people to be interested in it however I was delightely surprised. Everyday more and more people were showing interest in learning new language. At this point 7 people are atending my classes and the class is really diverse. Participants have a lot of interesting thoughts to share with each other as they are the members of different generations. Class went really well, we got to know each other, did some ice-breaker exercises, talked about expectations and how to make the lessons comfortable. What I liked the most about the lesson was how much students were supporting their mates and their achievemnets. Once we learned some interesting facts about one another, we did a little test for identifing the level of English and we all talked about our hobbies and how we usually spend the day. In my opinion class went very well and I am super happy that I have a chance to be an English language teacher.

To sum up, if one day you will decide to join our lovely gathering as well, teacher Tamuna will be waiting for you every Monday from 6 till 7 pm.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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