Visiting Museum of Silesia

The light of history will guide us like a miner’s lamp in the darkness of the mine corridors, sometimes hardly visible, sometimes exploding in a blaze of colours reflected by jingling gold coins, shiny black coal or rust yellow reflections of artillery shots. We will see how the mining and metallurgic Silesia developed and seek answers to a few significant questions about this region.

When you visit a place, museum, art gallery etc, usually is something that bear in your mind and get impressed by one thing much more than the other details but in this Museum I got surprised in every room of it. Meanwhile visiting it I was thinking this might be the most beautiful thing in this museum, but no! The other step leaded to something else in other way beautiful and “mind blowing”. I could feel like I am in the world of underground and actually I was somehow!

Firstly, I could see the clothes of minors. Were old and I believe were the real ones which some minors wear them, even if not this feeling was transmitted. In my opinion doing this job is difficult and dangerous but having economic difficulties we are somehow obligated to try to have a good life and of course we try to provide the maximum of goods we can no matter what.

Afterward could notice the tools were used to do this work. Then, we travelled through time of World War. I could be enlighted for the past of Silesia in more details, what happened when Germans “attacked” Poland the offer for Silesians. How life of some families change in very short time. How Silesia was divided in Upper Silesia and Lower Silesia, the differences existed.

Additionally, there were mirrored very beautifully the “lifestyles” of families had I guess during the time. I mean the accommodation and the details of these rooms. In a room could see boots that people maybe worked in the agriculture and in the other some kind of “civilization” like chess, newspapers and another structure of room as well as better level of accommodation. There were so many details which I think I should go again to visit in quite way as I didn’t expected that dynamic.

The story of Silesians attract me a lot. I have a warm feeling about this region and the people of it. Somewhere I read about the three “pillars” or “principles” of Silesians which were Family, Work and Religion. Moreover were appeared short movies about the happy, healthy families in Silesia.

There is a lot to say for Silesia and its past, rich culture and the people. In the end read a paragraph that I like it a lot: Will and independent and democratic Poland, as part of united Europe, finally offer Upper Silesia an opportunity for stable development as a region free from the burden of its tumultuous past?

Will we take advantage of its fantastic location in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, it’s potential and the incredibly rich historical heritage?

Are we, after two centuries of industrialisation, facing the beginning of new era?
An era with clean and futuristic IT industry symbolised by the ground-breaking processor developed by Bytom-based company?

Will the future of Upper Silesia also be a part of your future?



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