Origami with youngsters at MDK

Its really joyful to have workshops with youngsters!You study lot of things and the most important thing is that you are getting more and more used to Polish language and culture. Today I wanna tell you about my origami workshop at MDK. Children are always hilarious and curious when they do something new. Origami class was really worth to see how they are drown deeply in new things!

It’s really worth mentioning that I’m a very lucky person because in this class teacher really supports me! I chose origami class because, its really fun and interesting at the same time. Making different objects from paper is a good way to express yourself, your inner world, its some kind of art and children find it quite entertaining. Due mostly i have classes with children around 7-10 years, origami classes seems more free and easy. So, when children saw me with colorful papers in my hands, they were really happy. For sure, they knew before that I was gonna make origami during classes, so it was not some kind of surprise, but still, they were very curious and excited. Due to spring is almost here, I decided to make paper butterfly, it’s kinda simple and symbolic, also. In the beginning it was a bit challenging to make origami, but I needed only several moves them to show how.

After several tries class was full of colorful butterflies and than we decided together paint and stick glitters on them. Making origami is a one thing but painting and putting glitters on them is more interesting I guess, you can choose lot of different variations and versions how you can decorate your work. During making butterflies we didnt used scossors or glue and it was really nice to see how simple folding can make beautiful objects!

It was really nice seeing children enjoying their works.And also, I remember one little girl who gave me a little butterfly as a gift. In the end of the lessons they even complained about finishing classes and this fact made me even more happier.

All the best, Ana


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