Khato’s mid-term training experience

On-arrival training, that I had in the first weeks of my project, and if you remember from my articles, was clearly amazing. TBH was thinking that nothing would be better but mid-term training turned out to be a really huge exception, so huge that it exceeded my expectations. 

Firstly, when I was informed about mid-term training it was supposed to be held like normally and I was super excited because training is my favorite one, even online;) Things didn’t go as expected and it was still online. But believe it or not, it was so amazing that I couldn’t feel neither back pain nor boredom. It wasn’t an obligatory days that you should attend, these 5 days for me were still one of the best opportunities to meet new people, new countries, find out interests and explore the things you have in common. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
In the middle of the project, when you have left less than half months, you have different emotions, different attitude towards everything, it can be better or worse and these days were exact chance to talk about feelings, things that maybe bother or amaze you and the support that we were giving each-other was unbelievable. There is a lot to remember, exploring the volunteers with similar project, share ESC experience until now (you will agree it’s been a long time), our workshops, things we do or don’t, resistances that we were faced or maybe would be, problems that can have and the ways to solve them, imagine how interesting it could be to share such things, kind of same projects but different locations and the things we explored, discovered. The one that mid-term training gave me was this marvelous opportunity.
My favorite things- being creative was of course the part of training days, creating blackout poetry, will you believe if I say that we made our own version of one of the most famous Polish paintings? Well you have to believe cause we did and I don’t remember anything more entertaining and interesting at the same time. (Picture attached:) If you ask, Khato, what mid-term training gave you, I would answer that there are really a hundred things but one that I find the most absorbing was self-reflection. “Looking into a mirror” and discovering undiscovered things, we had a look at our inside world then tried to connect it with the outside world, set the goals and plans that we wanted to do after the project, discussed volunteering, learning, working opportunities around Poland and the world. Let’s see, maybe I’ll choose one of them.:)
To sum up, these mid-term training was one of the best things that happened to me in Poland, I really wanted to avoid online ones after on-arrival but it’s okay, even via Zoom it was exciting, interesting and entertaining. I really want to say a few words about my amazing trainers Joanna&Asia, the effort that they put in these days is huge and unbelievable, they made it unforgettable and the participants as well, of course:)) Thank you from here and I hope we’ll meet someday. 
Last but not least – just a huge cup of coffee, good internet connection and positive energy and trust, you’ll travel in the amazing mid-term training world.

Khatuna Zabakhidze

During training days:)


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