Hi it’s Khato again and I want to share with you my amazing experience how we hiked Góry Orłowa and Równica in Poland. First I want to say that I’m really in love with outdoor adventures, especially hiking and always try to take place in this kind of activities in Georgia. Moreover it was first time in Poland and that’s why I was really delighted.

As we know, hiking offers the opportunity for true adventure, especially if you’re willing to travel. Many people don’t have high adventure destinations near them, but with a little bit of travel, they can make it to some unforgettable places. In our case, too, it can be said that it was really memorable.

Even through we walked about 24 thousand steps on this day and in the evening we were already feeling very tired, it was still a fun and exciding adventure. You may ask me what was there exciting? In this case, I can say that it was fantastic cause I did this activity with my friends and no matter how insignificant it may seem to you in fact we have gone through all for seasons. We started with spring, since it was quite cold that day, then gradually the higher we went the colder it was and in this case we were really in winter conditions, next was autumn, with golden leaves and brown colors and finally, when we returned to our starting point, it warmed up so much that we felt like we’re in summer. During our stay in winter (On the top of a mountain) we tasted a traditional Polish soup – Grochówka, that was exactly imminent in this cold. And the most important thing was that all the way we met Polish people they greeted us as acquaintances. As our coordinators told us this is kind of help and support for each other. I really like their kind of action.

Towards the end it can be said that adventure is something that’s missing from many people’s daily lives. It brings a feeling of aliveness and awareness that sharpens our senses and helps put life in perspective. Also, it doesn’t mean you have to go out and starts skydiving or mountain climbing – hiking can bring plenty of adventure with minimal risk.

Over and above that, More and more research is being done on the effects nature has on people’s mental and emotional well being, and the results are extremely positive. There is also mounting evidence showing that exposing kids to nature on a regular basis positively affects brain development. Time in nature can boost your immune system and lower blood pressure and just looking at a tree alters brain chemistry.

One of my favorite articles on this topic was published by Harvard Medical School. In the article, they say that ” Research in a growing scientific field called ecotherapy has shown a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced stress, anxiety and depression”. So let’s face it and hike a lot.

Góry Orłowa and Równica

With Love / Z Miłością

Khato Turmanidze


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