Graphic art at MDK

At youth centre there are different kind of art classes beginning from ceramics to graphic art. When you hear graphic art you imagine graphic design, and things with computer programs but MDK’s graphic art is different and I’m so glad that I found this before unknown side of art. What is graphic art about?

Well, it is painting objects and things with quote different technique. So, beginning from the drawning thick lines it’s really important to make symmetric and and accurate contours. First thing you do is to think about how to make sketch on a soft surface with a pencil and after drawing it, you are using special tool to make contours. In graphic art you have only black and white colors, lines, contours and ornaments are usually white and all background is black, so it makes your work more unique. After drawning major objects, you put on it black acrylic paint and after you use a simple paper, wait for a while and here it is, your artwork is ready.

I remember first impression after working on making graphics and final results were really amazing. Actually, it’s really hard to work on graphics, you need idea what to do and actually the surface you work on, is not really soft and you need really big experience to make accurate ornaments. So, before making graphics it’s better to plan step by step each line and only after you can be satisfied with work. During graphic art classes I met wonderful teacher Ella, who helped me with working on surface, how to use tools and how to make ornaments more visible. I’m really glad that I discovered this side of art. Needs to be mentioned that in Georgia we have big culture of making ornaments, so it will be really interesting to make some graphics about Georgian ornaments.

All the best, Ani


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