Tirana European Youth Capital 🇦🇱

Tirana is the capital city of Albania, youthful and energetic where you can find sunny weather and positivity. In the roads you can easily notice that there are a lot of young people and concretely over 380.000 under the age of 35 years old (<48% of population), as well as 78000 students in the University of Tirana. Very welcoming and dynamic city 🙂

The first city who won the award of “European Youth Capital” was Rotterdam in 2009. Municipalities from all over Europe have had the opportunity to apply in this competition, each with videos and examples of why it deserves to be the European Youth Capital, showing the particularities of youth identity and strength. Tirana was presented with a wonderful two-generation video, where the younger generation, many children and then young people speak several foreign languages. The Municipality of Tirana is preparing the calendar of activities, aiming our capital to be on the map for the European Youth Capital

This is a great opportunity for Tirana to have a positive change, to connect young people together and to have a fruitful investment in youth.

Beside that I have been living in Tirana for almost 6 years and I can say that is the best place to live life and to never be bored. This for simply reasons like: As I mentioned before a lot of young people, dynamic, 2-3 events per day, Tirana’s nightlife scene moves up a notch each year and the city’s clubs, largely situated around Blloku, vary greatly in theme and atmosphere. They are best visited with a local who knows which ones to attend (and which to avoid). Be mindful, however, that Albania is still a traditional society.

If we talk for nature lovers you can reach Dajti mountain in 20 mins and sea in Durres for 30 mins. You can find everything your mood wants in different aspects. 😉

Fabjola D


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