During my stay in Poland exploring the country’s traditions is the best part. Easter is coming so I started learning a bit about traditions connected to this day and indeed the first that I tried is Pisanki.

As I’ve already mentioned I started finding information about Easter traditions in Poland and found out that it has a series of unique rituals connected to Easter. The first sign of approaching Easter in Poland is a large number of branches and dried flowers being brought to church. It starts one week before Easter, Palm Sunday takes place. For Easter they prepare Easter baskets containing ham, sausage, eggs, a sugar lamb, horseradish and the most important and entertaining one – PISANKI, that I tried and had a huge fun. Usually hard-boiled eggs are painted on Saturday before Easter.
According to the information that I’ve collected there are several ways to make it. One of the most popular one that I used as well is to dye eggs by natural paints. Using natural dyes, like red cabbage, onion peels. Another very beautiful tradition of decorating Easter eggs is by fancy patterns. I have shot the video while making Pisanki, that you can see on that page but later. 🙂
I want to admit that in my country Georgia, we have a lot of Easter traditions as well and Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ. We celebrate it this year after a month from Polish Easter, on the 2st of May and I am going to tell you a lot about Easter traditions in my country and family by that time.

Keep you updated
Khato Z


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