Wola Lifestyle

A place in which I feel calm and secure 🙂 You can easily rest, have a walk and live the quiet life that maybe sometimes you have been dreaming. 

I always wanted to have an organised day but for many reasons I could not follow properly during the previous “lifestyle”. What I mean is I tried several times to create healthy habits, like reading in the morning, stretching, eating healthy food etc, but because of doing things without a plan it was not possible to follow this.  

I love waking up early and doing things which make me feel happy and productive during the day. I feel like I am organized and I have time to take care of myself and as it is a village (a really nice and mobilized one, in which you can find everything you would need) it offers you all that, I feel very calm and free. 

The normal day consists of going to the office, working,  learning new things time to time afterward going home, having some rest eating/preparing something to eat, having a talk with my beloved ones through the phone and then it depends on my mood  drinking wine or tea, reading or listening to music.  I have a sweet balcony, where now that the sun has started to rise more often I love passing time there.

Sometimes we gather with my friends from Georgia, drink tea and have good conversations about different things, time to time we like to dance or sing. I love when I see their dances and I learn about their dynamic culture on dances, foods or social problems/advantages which we try to analyze together and find similarities and differences among our countries.

I would like to focus more on travelling and discovering new places after the Covid situation gets better.

This year I have dedicated myself to grow in different aspects, as I want to be a better version of myself 🙂 I am aware that in the future maybe I will not have enough time to focus that much in the things I am focusing now, that’s why I want to use this time in the most proper way possible.

Take care of yourselves lovely people ❤

Fabjola D


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