Hello readers!

This is my first article on this blog so let me start with an introduction.

I am Elda, 24 years old and I come from a place which is still unknown to you…Albania. Hopefully, during my 10 months stay here in Poland I will be able to get people closer to my country.

In 2020, I graduated in Clinical Psychology at University of Tirana and I always like to highlight the importance that this field of study has for me. Psychology is my biggest passion and my biggest ambition. I am very determined to follow this path throughout my life because having a diploma in Psychology, for me personally it doesn’t mean to just have a private clinic where people come and go. For me, it is a process, an effort to understand, to empathize and to sit quietly and patiently with someone’s pain and sometimes even to take that pain in your shoulders.

After I finished university, I felt like something was missing. I needed a change in my life, new experience and new people. I started searching for projects everywhere and I stumbled upon the one that would take place in Rybnik/Poland.

I read everything about it, really liked the idea and aim of the project, I applied and here I am…in Poland talking through an article with you!

My project is called “Challenge Yourself in Rybnik 2.0, Empowering regions through volunteering and Cross-border education, culture and entrepreneurship”.

I will be working in a cultural youth center in Rybnik where children go to have some extra curricular classes after school. I will mainly assist in some of these classes and also, I will form small groups of children and give them English classes.

My challenge is about to start and I think I will have a lot more to say about it the next time we “meet”.




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